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Our Mission:

To Offer Gorgeous Quality Furniture & Professional Friendly ServiceĀ 


Specializing in Unique Import, Canadian Made Furniture and Home Decor

Reclaimed & Recycled Wood. Rustic | Mid-Century Modern

Contemporary | Eclectic | Industrial Styles and more.

Professional Interior Design Services available to all TAB Imports Clients

Bridal Registry

Local Delivery Available

“We buy what we love and we are proud to bring Downtown Courtenay and 5th Street a very current collection of Contemporary Furniture which is not found elsewhere in the Comox Valley. Come visit us and find out all we have to offer you and your home.”

Established in 2002. Originally a Teak Furniture Import Business, Tab has evolved into a modern Home Furnishings store providing Custom Canadian Made Furniture as well as Exclusive Collections from around the world and Professional Interior Design Services

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